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Project HEART is in contact with leaders of European countries in an effort to address the complex issues related to restitution of Jewish private property seized by Nazi forces and Axis powers during the Holocaust era.

A Commitment to the Jewish People...

Project HEART, along with representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Ministry of Senior Citizens, are amongst those participating in this phase of the process.

The agenda includes the need to preserve Holocaust-related corporate documents currently stored throughout Europe. These documents must be preserved in order to serve as important resources in the struggle to document Holocaust history and claims.

Due to the sensitive nature of these ongoing efforts, specific details can only be released once significant progress is made, and decisions by specific countries or companies have been reached.

In addition to governments of European countries, Project HEART is cooperating with many other parties in order to advance its goals: the European Parliament, the Government of the United States, the Comptroller of the State of New York, banks, numerous private companies, and many others. This will serve to highlight and explain the issues in order to aid countries and companies to find just solutions.

“The position of Project HEART is that a consolidated and united effort is needed by the Israeli Government, together with leading Jewish organizations around the world, in order to increase the chance that survivors and their heirs will receive restitution for their property," said Bobby Brown, Project HEART’s Executive Director.