5 Simple Hacks That Will Turn The Night Owl In You To An Early Bird

Let’s face it; not everyone enjoys the morning breeze and the singing birds early in the morning. Some of us cherish a few more minutes or hours of forbidden sleep after our alarm goes off. This setup, however, is not so adult friendly. So here we came up with five hacks that might help you address your morning dilemma, alarm clock and how all this may help your health and heart!

  1. Place a glass of water on your bedside – It is proven that hydrating your self is a great way to keep alertness. Force yourself to drink a full glass of water before you turn off your alarm. This way, your groggy-sleepy body will be refreshed as water goes through your system and encourage you to keep up. It’s not only a healthy routine that you will establish but also a great way for you to combat the urge to sleep some more. Plus your heart will only thank you for doing this!
  2. Sunlight– Strategically place your bed near a window or any light source that can spare you some early morning sunlight. Our body is designed to response on the natural occurrence. Night time are usually dark, and darkness makes us sleepy. Same us daytime’s light urges our body to get up and start our day.
  3. Find someone to help you wake up– This could be tricky and motivating at the same time. Ask a housemate to wake you up if you won’t respond to your alarm on your own. The motivating part is, you have to pay them every time they wake you up and don’t respond, the “fine” should be something you will regret once you’re back on your awake self. If you are living alone, having a pet dog or cat is surely a great and scary way of making you wake up early in the morning. Train your pets to eat and do their thing early in the morning, and they will surely wake you up once the sunrise. We would definitely choose to wake up instead of cleaning smelly number one and number two. Not only that, a mattress can be a problem as well. According to this Ghostbed coupon website it’s crucial to have a mattress that is not old.
  4. Find a “worth it” way to spend the first hour of your day– Sometimes we tend to get lazy because our mornings just became a routine. Find a bizarre way that will make you look forward to waking up. Maybe schedule a jogging date with a friend or cook a special breakfast for your loved ones. After all, we were never late on school trips because we are looking forward to the next day.
  5. Make a happy-morning playlist

So there, we can go through a few more early morning hacks to help you fight the urge of the forbidden sleep extension, but remember that these things only work if your mind cooperates. Train yourself to think that no one succeeds in something without discipline. Every day has something new to bring for us, and it all starts the moment we wake up, so get up early and make the most out of your life!